What I “Someday” Wanted When I was 12

“Simply Me” ends with a poem titled “Someday,” though it’s not the strongest.

photo 2


Someday I’ll own more InuYasha manga books

Someday I’ll learn the word ‘responsibility’ when it comes to pets

Someday I’ll make my family proud

Someday I’ll be able to say that there are no wars going on in the world

Someday I’ll not be able to see strangers carrying guns

Someday I’ll sense warmth in everywhere in the world


– Sherry, 12

The back of the packet.
The back of the packet. Is it a favorite class doodle? Or was I just super proud to be in 6th hour.

That was a pretty big leap between owning manga and world peace.

It sounds like I was manga-deprived, murdered my pets, brought shame onto my family, went in denial, predicted my future blindness and lived in a cold place. Maybe Antarctica?

 ★ Bonus art:

photo 4


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