Childhood Find: “Simply Me” Packet Full of Poems

I’m moving apartments and it’s been a little hectic. While going through some stuff I found an unlabeled box, and inside was a white binder full of past drawings I’ve given to my parents (aww). A white packet self-titled “Simply Me” catches my eye; I completely don’t remember what it is.

Beneath the cover front page, the preface goes: “I am dedicating this book to my whole family and my great friends. They’ve always been there for me, and hopefully will continue to be. I would also like to thank all of my past and present teachers for teaching me all I know. Thanks guys for everything!”

So I’m expecting drawings of puppies, friends and rainbows but the next page turns out to be titled “Thoughts About Divorce.” Well then.

Here’s a little preview:

photo 3


Credo Poem

I believe in the pain in love,

the hurt of a broken heart,

the stab of betrayal,

the hidden scars of torture,

the sweetness of joy,

smiles, laughs, gifts.

But I do not believe that money can bring one all the kinds of happiness.

I believe in the good in us all,

I believe in second chances,

I believe in Heaven,

love, hatred, change.

And I believe in the fact that it’s okay for everyone to make a mistake once in a while.


Just because I’m shy

I’m not boring

I’m not scared of people

I’m not a coward


Just because I’m shy

I’m not stern

I’m not stupid

I’m not a loner


Just because I’m shy

I can’t let anyone push me around

I’m not anti-social

I’m not a wimp


Just because I’m shy– I don’t mind company.


photo 4

“If somehow my parents were to get a divorce, the most important thing I would do was to try and handle the situation calmly. Of course I would cry, but I’d know that saddness is just part of life that you have to deal with. Personally I believe that everybody has their special ‘someone’, and that fact proves to myself that my parents were not meant to be. I will continue to keep contact with my mom or dad, because I’d still love them. A part of me would want them to find their happiness with another ‘someone’, yet another part of me would be lost in turmoil if they did…

My advice for those who are facing divorce is, that no matter what, stay strong. Stay strong for your siblings, or if you’re an only child like me, for yourself. Look on the bright side of things, and you’ll get through! It’s not the end of the world, though it might seem like it for some. If you’re stuck in a cell, there’s always a way out. Sometimes the escape is harder, that’s all.”

photo 1

I was pretty damn optimistic. Struggles of an introvert. I had to look up what ‘credo‘ means. Did I know the definition or was I just really good at making up words?

I hope I still have that 12-year-old in me somewhere.

 ★ Bonus art:

photo 3

photo 2photo 1


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