Good Habits

A person can change their habits if they really put their mind to it… that’s what I choose to believe anyway.

I try to compliment people as common practice. Not a generic “nice shoes” or a “nice shirt from that one store.” Actually, the whole “nice” thing should be avoided altogether. Cajoling is a no-no.

The more specific your compliment is, the better the person’s response (most of the time). You can kind of see a person’s face light up and if you really hit it right, their eyes start to sparkle and it’s like you’ve somehow changed their day’s course.


☆ One of the best moments in my life has been at a fast food Mexican restaurant. The lady behind the counter was a bigger woman, pale and had a charming, shy demeanor. While my friends took their orders, she asked me what I wanted on my burrito and she had absolutely the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard.

I hesitated to ask her, “You have a really beautiful voice, do you sing or something?”out of fear that she might think I’m a creep, but then I thought… what else do I have to lose? Turns out that the right choice was compliment her straight up.

“This is the first time anyone has said that to me,” she said a little taken aback, her cheeks slightly flushing. “Thank you.” Her co-worker smiled and winked at her, an allusions I still don’t quite understand, but I felt her eyes repeatedly drawing back to me once I left the line.

She seemed happy, so I felt happier too. My fear of social rejection moments before seemed minor compared to how I ended up feeling after genuinely complimenting someone. Happiness is contagious.

 Also, I think it’s incredibly cute to see anyone flattered. People are the best when they smile. ★

Cloud smile!
Clouds can be happy too.

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