[St. Louis, MO] Pit Stop at Blueberry Hill


Some of my friends and I went to St. Louis to celebrate Audrey AKA the Asian Fairy Godmother‘s birthday. She had feverishly searched for a suitable restaurant (some of us are vegetarian) the night before, so we ended up eating lunch at the Blueberry Hill.

Everything you’ll ever need to know.

Right when you step in, you’re bound to notice all the knick knacks display. It’s physically impossible to miss them, unless you’re blind. In that case, well. There are toys from all over, including the Simpsons, Barbie, and hey– even a shout out to Jimmy Hendricks.

Blueberry Hill’s interior space is huge, divided between two seating areas and a bar, equipped with wooden seats. They even managed to squeeze in several arcade games (shooter, crane, photo booth, etc).

Since their menu boasted about their #1 burgers, I thought I’d give it a shot. I ordered a 5 oz. hickory burger with cheddar spread and fries ($6.00). I’ve never had cheese spread before. The texture’s like butter but the taste is pure cheese haven.

Anyway, one of the waitresses that brought our food over pounded my basket of fries on the table. Now, I’m usually not picky about people spilling three fries on the table, but something about her not apologizing bothered me. On top of that, my friends’ diet Dr. Peppers were completely flat (my Coke was semi-flat). According to my friend, the soda was basically disgustingly undrinkable.

Two of the employees came by to check how we were doing, and when my friend informed them about the soda, they asked if they could bring us something else instead. In retrospect, that’s a pretty reasonable thing to offer, but at the time we thought whatever that fizzes soda could easily be replaced in the soda machine.

Essentially, my friends and I paid $2.25 each for flat soda. So that wasn’t really worth it. But you know what? I still had a great time. More than anything, Blueberry Hill offers a lax atmosphere propelled by its whimsical decor. I’m guessing their selling point relies heavily on their night concerts.


For maximum enjoyment: go in the evening, buy yourself a drink (or five) and be sure to have plenty of quarters.



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