[Orlando, FL] Summer Time at the Beach and Universal Studios ☆


One of my favorite desserts of all time. I don't know what it's called.
One of my favorite desserts of all time. Strawberry shortcake popsicle!

FINALLY! Temporary liberation!

It’s time for the cicadas to dig their way out of the ground, do their mating thing and then die. And also the time to hit the pool/beaches. I live in the central region, so I really enjoy all of you who are on the coast! >0<

... I may have went to the coast last week.
… I may have went to the coast last week and got a killer tan.

One good thing about living in the middle of nowhere is how clearly you can see the stars at night. During the summer, fireflies come out too! It’s possibly the most romantic scenery I’ve ever seen. Unless one of the fireflies get on you, then it’s kind of not. I’d show you if my camera could actually take clear nighttime pictures. So here are two irrelevant ones.


EDIT: Not sure why I didn’t include more photos of the trip originally in 2013… a lot more happened! It’s been about four years though, lost a lot of detail…

Should’ve bought one when I had the chance!
Kissimmee, FL. Entrance to where we were staying.


Our room had a jacuzzi (that we didn’t use).

Kayla found the first conch shell, at least that’s what we call it (commence SpongeBob jokes). The rest of them found one too. I don’t remember who took it home with them, but the animal inside died at the deep end of the shell in the freezer and started to rot… that’s why they should’ve left it alone on the beach!

The place we stayed at had a lobby photographer. We could tell not a lot people took advantage of his service. For some reason he really liked the filter that makes everything tinted blue and dramatically increases sharpness. This is one my favorite photos he took. Our pose was supposed to be ‘crazy’!
While in Florida, gotta go to a theme park! We decided on Universal Studios. Keep playing, Kev.
Gift shop galore
I wonder how big the Dagwood sandwich really is?
Entrance to the Hogwarts ride




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