YouTube Project: Mother Father Gentleman

Where did his other ear go!?

Long time no see!

I recently collaborated with Jason Burgos of Make ‘Em Laugh films. This time I had the opportunity to play Talia in his parody of PSY’s “Gentleman.” I don’t think I look anything like her, but boy is it fun to boss Bane around and dance in public.

Jason’s great to work with. He’s a creative Batman fan who gives the series his own twist, and a hilarious improviser (as it can be seen from our first collab!). On top of that, he’s always willing to listen to other peoples’ ideas and suggestions.

Near the end of our filming day, I was unscrewing a lip bulb from one of the set’s light– and before I could regain my grip on it, the light bulb dropped on the ground and shattered into a million pieces. To make things even more embarrassing, I cut my finger on one of the pieces while trying to pick it up. Jason handled the situation very calmly and he was sympathetic; to tell the truth, he cleaned up more of the light bulb than I did. So my lesson for the day? Don’t unscrew light bulbs when other people are around.

Or unscrew anything.

“Screw” is such a funny word.



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