Bachelors & Bachlorettes

You know what’s something that really bugs me sometimes? The fact that I’m single. Even worse, how some of my friends are still single.

... what?
… what?

They’re young and beautiful individuals– some still with lingering innocence– who have all of their world to offer. But it seems like sometimes the bachelors/bachlorettes either don’t trust the opposite gender enough or they’ve got some psycho problems… making things end up in a serious “WTF” moment.

Are some of these guys/gals so self-absorbed that their only way for defending themselves is to hurt others? And it just seems like there are thousands of them. That’s incredibly discouraging and sad. Though I always think to myself the median will become better as time goes on. Maybe I’m too optimistic.

Then again, I’m not the one to believe in things like “fate” and “true love” are bound to find you one magical day in life. People just need to be more considerate of others. I mean, does anyone really like having their heart crushed?


What'd ya think?

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