Much Ado About Everything

After I wrote about Chicago, I haven’t done anything as exciting, interesting or riveting enough to write about. Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to write about, the everyday life… but I don’t know. I resorted to taking pictures of my fast food meal yesterday: ketchup and fries.

Really, Sherry? Really? And then I knew I had to write about something, anything.

I also use the word “really” too much. I think that’s my first reaction to anything. Trying hard to change that habit, but not sure what to say if not “really.” Would something like “wow!” be better and possibly less offensive?

My cousin got me a Q&A book/diary sort of thing. Five years from now I’m going to look back and laugh at how stupid I am now, then feel incredibly old and probably eat ice cream.

I really like it when the pages are anything but plain– not that there’s anything wrong with plain. Isn’t silver, gold, or tattered, uneven pages so much more exciting though? Maybe that’s just how people are. Wanting something different.


What'd ya think?

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