[Chicago, IL] My First Road Trip with Friends

Other than seeing a graveyard of crawfish during my winter break, I also went on my first road trip with friends! Well, we took a train. That still counts, right?

It was my first time trying out the Cheesecake Factory as well. I think the reason why the place’s so appealing because its menu has something for everyone (considering American cuisine, that is), especially their dessert menu. They have a great variety of cheesecakes and, having tried four kinds out their many, I say their quality’s pretty consistent; creamy and flavorful. Though I do prefer Papa Deux’s ginormous and silky cheesecake.

Seeing the American Girl’s Place was frightening, to say the least. Soulless doll eyes and outrageously priced items everywhere! Talk about a nightmare. That 34 dollars could be invested in better things… like video games. The doll salon had actual doll-sized salon chairs, bartender style aprons and everything. 10 bucks for a ponytail, anyone?

Going to Chicago during winter wasn’t the brightest idea. Despite my resistance, the wind repeatedly blew my hood down. Kudos to the Alaskans– no idea how they can handle the daily cold.


We stayed at the Drake Hotel for one night and woke up to a windy snow day.

I’ve been to Chicago numerous times, yet we still went to tourist areas. It wasn’t a well planned trip. Nonetheless, time spent with friends is always fun! Smileyfacewink.



5 thoughts on “[Chicago, IL] My First Road Trip with Friends

  1. Definitely. For brunch,our favorite hoods are Wicker Park (Storefront Company, Hot Chocolate, Bongo Room) and Logan Square (Longman & Eagle, Lula Cafe, Dunlay’s on the Square). Shopping is also great in Wicker Park. There are tons of dinner options to be found everywhere. Send us a message if you’re in town again soon, and we’ll be happy to give you something more specific!



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