My Parents’ Home Cooking, a Noble’s Feast

I’m very blessed. For example, I’ve managed to survive through the Mayan’s apocalypse– just a little upset that calendars reset themselves. I could use that thrilling rush you get when you find out it’s the end of the world.

A more mundane example are my meals. Though my parents aren’t professional cooks, I believe their cooking’s the most authentic Chinese food I’ve ever had in America (excluding Din Tai Fung in CA).

Regular dinner time… no MSG here.
Excellent fried fish, coming from someone who dislikes seafood

Every time I sit down for a meal I try to remind myself not to take anything for granted. My parents’ efforts truly make me feel like a royal descent.


EDIT: 2018 Sherry speaking here. Did you enjoy my blurry photos from 2012? Here are some more dishes my parents have made in the past.

spicy sauce & beef noodles, 2013
Fried pork over egg, onion and rice, 2013
christmas eve dinner, 2013
Kimchi hotpot, 2014
new year 2016
Chinese new years, 2016


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