2012: The End of the World?

Two hours and 49 minutes past midnight. Still alive!!


The day before the End of the World, I saw The Hobbit with my friends and folded stars.

I think I’ve come to realize why I like to make them. Other than the fact that I like their shape, I think it’s the act of repetition I’m subconsciously drawn to.  If you’ve ever made a paper star, you’d know what I’m talking about; after you learn how to do it once or twice, you can do it with your eyes closed (okay, maybe just one eye barely peeking).


The great thing about them is that you can mess up on the fold and it still works out in the end. Even if you end up making a crappy looking star, you can just toss that one out– those are the exceptions and only happens once in a while.


Even if you mess up on folding a star, and it turns out not-so-picture-perfect, it’s totally fine once you put it in with the other stars. Mistakes are welcomed and non-judgemental, and you have as many tries as you have paper strips.


It’s more about the big picture. The little imperfections become irrelevant when you see it as a whole– and the whole’s something beautiful, in my opinion. I wonder if that reflects some sort of inner phobia. Psychologist, anyone?


On the side note, Kiki still loves bananas as always. Happy End of the World!


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