Hair Fringes: Bangin’ or Nah?

Fringes are something to be debated about. On one hand, bangs look awesome and make you look cool. On the other, they’re always there– and I mean always, on your forehead and inching towards your eyes. The whole situation easily gets gross and oily. Plus, when you’re trying to strut your stuff, the wind becomes your #1 worst enemy.

But my forehead felt empty and I needed a change. So despite my past experiences, I went back.

And boy do bangs make me feel cool.

Video-wise, I’ve been working on Waca 6 (and a bunch of other works in progress). The audio file’s actually been done for a while, but due to some circumstances it got pushed back by a few months. Like 5, there will be over 100 frames (easy to miss when you’re just enjoying a video, right?). Hopefully people will like 6!

Sometimes I think my art degenerates when I move from the sketchbook onto MSPaint.


2 thoughts on “Hair Fringes: Bangin’ or Nah?

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