An Ode to Food Amid the Common Cold

Breakfast, how you stir me so

With milk, bread and medicine. (It’ssa krab!!)

Dimmed lights, strawberries and cream,

How fast you change the mood!

Though I think the strawberries are expired.

Human turn into beasts for your sake,

Though even beasts cannot resist your temptation.

Your appearance takes on many forms,

Yet how I love you so! Youth is obsolete; Time is good to you.


That was my bad spiel of the day.

I’ve been dealing with a cold this past week, hopefully you’re doing a lot better than I am. I am lucky to have caring people that look after me.

I think being ill is one of the loopholes for being a kid when you’re an adult. It’s one of those opportunities you take in life to feel sympathy and empathy. Kind of similar to how adults still dress up for Halloween and use the occasion as an excuse to pig out on candy (good thing a lot of costumes are “one size fits all”).


What'd ya think?

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