Tips On Dating: For Guys

Hello Friend,

It’s Sunday, there’s a bunch of work left to do, so all that’s left is to read some articles on dating.

I’ve met a lot of guys who ask for tips on approaching women, and it’s really not as hard as the media or any other dude might think. In fact, I’m pretty sure gender doesn’t really matter here– what’s most daunting is having to approach someone and facing the chance of getting rejected. But why fear when you know already know how awesome you are? (And if you don’t know this, I think we’ve already pinpointed the source of the problem.)

Move outta the way, Ralph Emerson. I’ve got some articles up in my sleeves to share.

A good way to start talking to a woman is in the least creepy way possible. If you feel that she’s not interested, I advise to back off. Let’s not play persistent with a party pooper here. After all, there are plenty of pretty fish in the sea!

Still hesitant? Maybe a step by step approach will work better for you. Though a woman’s attractiveness can be intimidating, it doesn’t make her any less human; she has fears and insecurities of her own. It’s totally possible that she wants to talk to you but doesn’t know how to. Your relationship with her will never be established unless someone takes the first step!

But Sherry! I don’t know what to say! Get this. Most conversations start with small talk, and small talk is trivial. The majority of women won’t bite your head off if you just try to be friendly! Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that she’s not fit for you.

Don’t be thrown off by the media. Entertainment sells heavily due to its fantasy aspect; deep down, none of us are Playboys or Twilight vampires. Just be you.

I’m sure a woman will appreciate you for it.




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