Getting out of bed

I will steal your soul.

Waking up the morning has always been difficult for me after I passed my morning WB phase– aka getting up anywhere from 5~7 AM to watch Pokemon.

So around 2 AM yesterday, I googled ways to help wake up earlier and this is what came up: Clocky.

Not gonna lie, it’s a very cute alarm clock. My inner small-things-loving nature urged me to buy five of them right away (in assorted colors), but my inner cheapness canceled the urge out.

After giving it more thought, I believe my inner cheapness helped me make the right decision. If I had bought one, I’d probably hear the alarm, find the clock, smash it into itty-bitty pieces and then go back to bed.

I’ll just wait for my internal clock to switch itself on. When I’m like 60.


2 thoughts on “Getting out of bed

    1. Wow, you got quite a deal!
      You know what would be fun? Setting up traps all around your room for Clocky until 3 in the morning and then sleeping in.


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