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Employees of Weiqiao Pioneering Group donated 1.28 million Yuan to help fight the epidemic with love
(InputDate:2020/2/12 14:24:43 From:Weiqiao Pioneering)

The epidemic is ruthless and there is love on earth. In the past few days, the epidemic of pneumococcal infection caused by new coronavirus has affected the hearts of every employee of Weiqiao pioneering Group. At this special moment, the majority of party members and cadres have generously unpacked and used love to support the frontline of the epidemic, totally donated 1.28 million Yuan in two days.

During the donation process, many party members and cadres donated tens of thousands by oneself, and some party members and cadres also voluntarily donated twice. More than 40,000 employees used actual actions to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, showing the selfless love of Weiqiao employees.

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